A Day In D.C.

Although I’ve been to Washington twice before, I somehow forgot that it’s more difficult to get around than in other cities, and things are far apart! Needless to say we didn’t see as much as I thought we would, but we covered the most important parts and it was a great day.

I was loving the sunny 95 degree weather. My dad, not so loving it. He’d rather look like this:

Than like this,  having a heat stroke on a bench along the Mall:

OK, so it was hot. But I’ll get to that later. First I’ll start where we started – Ben’s Chili Bowl. Wow. I remember President Obama coming here when he first came to Washington, and my dad had also heard about this place so this was stop # 1.

We all got the half smoke, because it’s famous and looked delicious. Note: It was spectacular.

Yep, that’s my sister and my dad behind her. There was a giant, and I mean giant, picture of Obama near our table. Behind the counter there was a sign that said the only people who eat free are the Obamas and Bill Cosby.

After we were stuffed full of half smokes we headed toward the Smithsonian museums. We went to the art museum which was beautiful, and later we went to the American History museum which was definitely one of the best museums I’ve ever been to. I’ve been to a lot of museums.

Because we had recently visited Monticello, I HAD to see the Jefferson Memorial. In the two times I’ve previously been to D.C. I’ve never seen the Jefferson Memorial. This was where the death march began.

For some crazy reason you can buy a day travel pass for the metro, but they don’t work on local buses!! Crazy. In London your pass works on all buses in the city, no matter what zone you are in.

Scenes from the trek/around and about:

Light shining down on the Washington Monument:

Stupid truck ruining my dorky picture where I balance the monument in my palm:

Jefferson Memorial:

Where I got pretty much the coolest necklace ever. Yeah, a Thomas Jefferson necklace:

On the way to Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery I found out I’d definitely like to live on this street:

Good Stuff Eatery. I had the Obama burger! It was a long wait, but it’s worth it.

Then we went back to the hotel and went to sleep immediately. DC is always a death march!


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