The Time I Woke Up As A Burrito

People always ask questions like, “What was the greatest day of your life?”

I have a hard time answering definitive questions like this, but there is one question for which I do have a definitive answer and no one ever asks me!

For all you people who have never bothered to ask, the time in my life where I was the coziest and most comfortable I can ever imagine a human being … being, was when I was 7 or 8 years old and I woke up as a burrito.

Somehow during the night I had rolled around enough so the blanket had wound all the way around me, causing me to resemble the aforementioned food. Even at that young age I recall thinking, “Wow. It doesn’t get more comfortable than this.”

I was right. To this day I still have never felt comfort as I felt that night. For years I’ve gone to bed thinking, “Maybe tonight is the night I will wake up as a burrito again,” but it never comes close.

Many times I have tried to recreate the burrito experience, but I always wind up with tangled hair inside a blanket burrito that’s uncomfortably tight. I guess it’s one of those things that has to happen naturally.



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2 responses to “The Time I Woke Up As A Burrito

  1. Wow. That’s funny because I use to wrap my son up tight in his baby blanket on cold days and call him my “Burrito Baby.”

    Hmmm. This story made me hungry for chips and salsa now!

    But you’re right, it probably does have to happen naturally.

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