I Saw Mr. Bean and Visited Canterbury This Weekend!

I love London because every time you go on a random walk in the city you are guaranteed to find something really cool. This past Saturday I decided to take a “shortcut” to Covent Garden but ended up adding another 20 minutes to our trip. I was starting to get scared because Adrian was with me and he likes to get straight from point A to point B – “no faffing about,” as he says.

We also hadn’t found anything cool yet, and I promised him that on walks I ALWAYS find something. Like the time I went on a walk on my lunch break and found an 18th century “boneyard” where these two men were digging up graves and burning the bodies so they could have more room to make more money. They burned so many bodies that the people living around the boneyard (that’s what it’s called now) started getting sick from the fumes and eventually they were caught.

Anyway, Adrian was getting antzy and I was getting scared. I turned the corner and ended up heading for Buckingham Palace. We saw a big sign that told us we were entering the set of Johnny English 2 and that by going through we were agreeing that it was OK if we happened to be seen in the background. COOL!!

I couldn’t get a very good view on my camera so I don’t know if it was a stunt double or perhaps a scene where Rowan Atkinson wasn’t actually appearing, but still. I am pretty sure it was him. If it wasn’t, don’t tell me because I’m really excited about seeing Mr. Bean.

I have a close up shot of him, but it’s a little fuzzy so I won’t post it. Below is when they started rolling by us.

At the end of the road we saw more film crew and what looked like the director, but we decided to keep going because we were starved!

The next day we went to Canterbury. I’d read the Canterbury Tales in high school, but like all things you are forced to read when you are young you don’t take in a lot of it. If only I could go back to high school now! I’d be enthusiastically taking notes in every class!

The famous cathedral (it was hard to get good pictures because it was raining so hard most of the day):

They charge 9 pounds per person, but they were apologetic about it on their signs. They said they tried asking for donations only but it turned out the average donation was 12 pence per person so they are forced to charge.

And here is the view from inside the courtyard, which has a name but it escapes me right now:

Lots of moody corridors:

And how fun are these little things I found on the ceiling:

After the cathedral we went to a little museum called the Canterbury Tales, which promised to be a fun-filled guide through Chaucer’s Tales. I was very skeptical/sceptical because I hadn’t heard of this place and I was worried it would turn out like the Criminals Hall of Fame in Canada.

Fear not! It was surprisingly fun. They had little sets so you can visualize what the middle ages/stories looked like, and when you walk into each room the characters tell different tales.

Some of the pieces had seen better days, but overall it was a fun time! There was one room where the plaster mannequins were moving around a lot, and one woman’s butt had fallen off and landed on the floor but hadn’t been noticed by staff yet. Normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but this was the scene where she shows her bare bum to a guy beneath the window, so it was pretty funny to see nails sticking out of the board that were supposed to be holding it together, and then looking down and seeing the butt sitting on the floor.

There also happened to be a food fair happening today so of course we bought lots of fudge, salad dressing, cakes, etc. YUM.

I’ll leave you on a food note, which is becoming a habit. We ate in a pub built in the 1500s, and I was happy because I got a delicious chicken and leek pie with a giant puff pastry!!

Canterbury is a definite visit if you come to England. It’s only a 55 minute train ride from London and the town is clean and well preserved.

Weekend: Success!



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2 responses to “I Saw Mr. Bean and Visited Canterbury This Weekend!

  1. Kathy Kuhlman

    Wish we had gone there!

  2. When September, with its cooling weather,
    The heat of August hath laid to rest
    And called forth the changing colors
    Of trees from green to russet best,
    Then longeth folk to roam about
    Pursuing a titillating quest
    And land themselves in Canterbury. . .

    Chaucer is one of my favorites, so I’m green with envy over here in Arkansas. Thanks for the pictures.

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