Things High School Gym Class Didn’t Prepare Me For

1 – Extensive finger movement.

2 –  Extensive movement of multiple fingers.

Please forgive the anomaly which has caused me to turn into a lefty as well given me the ability to type with one hand. If you can get your mind around that, I think you’ll find that you are able to relate to me sitting at my desk.

Honestly, that is my face and my fingers day in and day out. I still love my job and I’m so happy to be working, but coming out of high school I was not prepared to have to sit and stare a screen 8 hours a day. Which brings me to my next point:

3 – Preventing DVT due to inactivity.

Say what you want about getting up and walking around every hour. If you are up walking around the office for the suggested five minutes every hour people will think you are a slacker. That being said, I’m scrunching up and stretching out in my chair all the time because all the extra energy causes my muscles to really hurt. People must think I’m a freak.

4 –  Everything mentioned above and everything else in the world that ever was. Every gym teacher I’ve had was a total joke because it’s a joke, waster class that no one ever cared about.

We would have been better off taking another health class and learning how to deal with the harsh realities of life post college, like staring at your screen and knowing that you are going to be staring at that screen or a different screen every day for the next 40  years and nothing will ever change except more responsibility and more pressure.

Or that you will be in the work kitchen every morning for the next 40 years enthusiastically replying, “Oh, I’m fine, but how are you today?” to the same people who don’t know you and don’t care to know you, but feel obligated to question your existence due to some social norm and because the silence makes them feel awkward.

That sounds mean, but the thing is I really would like to know about people’s lives. I just don’t care how random people are doing, especially as the only acceptable answer is “fine,” or “great, thanks,” and then they turn around and leave.

I’d rather get on with some enlightening conversation or else make my coffee in silence. I don’t like being fake.



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5 responses to “Things High School Gym Class Didn’t Prepare Me For

  1. I love this! You deserve thousands of hits. So funny because it’s true. Consider yourself Tweeted.

  2. I loved this! It’s very true and I have experienced this also. I constantly flex my legs, move to the edge of the seat, move all the way back on the seat, knees outward, knees together, legs tucked under on balls of my feet, feet flat, etc.!

    I finally got a box and put it under my feet so my knees are parallel to my seat and it made a huge difference in my comfort level. I can kick it to the side when I want a change. Just a tip.

    Your drawings are hilarious and made me laugh. So does your view on life’s realities and your scary ability to look down the road into the future and see what lies ahead may not be much different than what your experiencing now. Hopefully, you’ll be able to balance it all out with many fun times and meaningful adventures!

    • Thanks so much! I was thinking of doing the box/some sort of footstool thing. Currently I use my computer as a resting spot for my feet, but it makes me paranoid about electrocution so I’ll probably search for a box this week.

      I visited your blog and your photos are amazing!!

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