Who Says An Editor Can’t Be An Alpaca Farmer?

I’ve never had a specific plan for my life. All I knew was that I wanted a career in a field of my choosing. I didn’t want to be one of those people who goes to college only to realize upon graduation that their degree is basically worthless, so they end up as one of the majority of people whose career has nothing to do with what they studied for four years.

Well, I got my career job in a cool city, but I’ve discovered something amazing that has made me start thinking about my retirement plans:



Look at his freakin’ face in that first picture!! So cute!

I was at the Main Street Diner in Richmond, Indiana when I became interested in alpacas. I had a slight interest in them before, but when I saw a picture display of the owners’ alpaca farm I knew that was the life for me.

I want an alpaca SO bad. During my alpaca research I learned that they don’t do well on their own, so they need at least 3 other alpacas to be happy. Here are a few alpaca facts from the British Alpaca Society:

– Alpacas are hardy and relatively problem free.

– Alpacas are very gentle on the land because they have padded feet and therefore do not churn up the ground. They deposit their droppings in piles in only a few sites and cleaning up is easier than for other animals.

– Alpacas are gentle and easy to handle. They don’t tend to bite, but sometimes pull at clothing to attract attention! (awww!)

– Alpacas make excellent pets. They are intelligent, easily trained and are usually very gentle with children. They are inquisitive, approaching people who stand and watch them. They will eat out of the hand if time is spent and training to lead by a halter is straightforward.

Adrian has always said he wants to live in the country, so I thought he’d be really excited about this. I also think it would be exciting because now I can listen to country music without hearing people say, “But you don’t even live in the country.”

Here is what Adrian had to say when I sent him several pictures of alpacas as well as some FAQs about alpacas from the British Alpaca Society:

Please tell me you are joking. They are the stupidest looking things in the world!

I don’t want to always be the one to squash your dreams but this one really takes the biscuit.

Never before have I heard you say you want a farm, an alpaca or a combined alpaca farm so forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical about all this.

But hey, sure, we can get an alpaca farm once we buy ourselves a farm and secure all the necessary experience and licensing to be able to keep livestock. Once you get all of that, knock yourself out.

And then in a later e-mail I had to answer a list of seven questions concerning such things as:


Can you get them neutered? Because if you can’t are you prepared to help it give birth (by sticking your hands up its jacksee) or are you again, going to pay someone to do that for you?


I told Adrian he was mean and asked him what was wrong with having an interest.

I have an interest in the psychology of serial killers but I’m not about to erect a fence and herd the f***ers.


I know I’m mean it’s just confusing. If we have a farm though I am actually up for it so don’t worry.

We learned from a previous post that Adrian called Boo and Harris just “a couple cats in a cage,” so let’s hope he warms to these alpacas a little a more than that!



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2 responses to “Who Says An Editor Can’t Be An Alpaca Farmer?

  1. I’ll stick to teaching English. Oh, wait, perhaps there isn’t much difference. Herding students about in the hopes that they learn how to write–ye gods, I’m only a step away. I did have a student write on his evaluation of me, “When shearing sheep, be careful not to damage the sweater.”

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