My Welcome Home Surprises!

The previous post about Adrian’s views on people volunteering at animal shelters may have scored him some negative points with certain people. Just in case, I want to report on the very positive things he does as well.

I was not happy about returning to England because it’s just so far away and I was thinking I wouldn’t get to go home again for another year.

Adrian knew I would be so sad so he surprised me in every way possible! When I walked in I saw that he had bought and set up the TV I wanted for the bedroom, including a nice stand to put it on.

He also got me black out curtains for the windows, because he knows I have trouble sleeping here. In addition to the curtains he bought a mattress pad for the bed because that is another thing that disrupts my sleep.

I bought a bedside lamp from IKEA a few months ago but never knew what kind of bulb to get and anyway I always forgot about it, so he set it up for me.

Then to top everything off he bought me a microwave so I’m not stirring pots at the stove constantly!! He even fixed the door handles on the cabinets that were loose.

Sorry, this is what tops everything off – he also bought little cards writing funny little things about each of the surprises. Then he got me an actual card (I love getting cards, everyone knows this) and wrote a nice note in it.

So, even though he has very controversial views about cats and alpacas (which you’ll learn more about soon), he is a very good husband.


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