Adrian’s Views on Volunteering at Animal Shelters

During dinner tonight I said, “So, I’m thinking about applying to be a volunteer at the London 2012 Olympics since they are accepting applications now. I think it would be really fun and probably look good on my resume, too.”

I figured it would look good on my resume because for some reason in many interviews I’ve had, the interviewers ask me a whole bunch of questions about my bowling simply because I put “10 pin bowling” under my interests & activities section. How many people would have London 2012 Olympics Volunteer under activities?? Score.

“Also, I’m thinking in the meantime I might volunteer at an animal shelter or something. I want to get involved in the city and I want to meet people.”

Adrian said, “I’ll tell you where you’ll definitely meet people. Helping other people.”

To describe the following lecture in a few words since I didn’t have a tape recorder and there was too much to remember, I’ll paraphrase Adrian’s argument:

He said he is not saying people who volunteer in animal shelters are selfish, but they definitely aren’t unselfish because the only reason they have chosen that cause is because animals are cute. There are children in Pakistan holding their baby siblings up out of the flood waters and struggling for food, and people like me are choosing to help an animal who doesn’t know what’s happening to it. He said there are people in this city who are desperate and homeless and they know what is happening so no one should be wasting time helping a cat when they can be helping these people.

Adrian says that when cows start building pyramids and demanding land rights, then maybe he’ll consider their voice.

Adrian says we obviously should not be mean to animals because we are intelligent and know not to inflict pain on other creatures, but he said they do not have rights in the sense that humans do. He said a human should never suffer over an animal, for example we should NOT test on animals for make up and things like that, but testing on animals to save people’s lives is OK.

I agree with him on that, but I still think that because we can care for them we should.

I said, “But if we don’t help all these cats and dogs how are they going to get help?”


To make sure people don’t misunderstand him and think he is a monster he told me to “make sure you say that I say these things tongue in cheek. I don’t hate people who love cats, although I do think it’s ridiculous. But when I say things like I would kill a cat, I wouldn’t kill a cat.”

I report, you decide.



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6 responses to “Adrian’s Views on Volunteering at Animal Shelters

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  2. Robin

    I’m on Team Ade, with this and the previous post. It’s just cats in crate Sara….

    p.s. you people make my day

  3. Robin

    p.s.s. You absolutely should volunteer at the Olympics because that sounds super awesome.

  4. In reference to the “cats in a crate,” I’m surrounded by monsters (you and Adrian).

  5. Cliffspab

    I agree with Adrian

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