How to do a Sara and Karen Chinese Fire Drill

A couple of years ago Karen, my ex boyfriend and I decided to partake in an old American classic: the Chinese Fire Drill. I would write my own definition of what this is (because some Brits don’t know), but Wikipedia’s is pretty stellar:

“Popular in the United States during the 1960s,[1][2] a Chinese fire drill is a gag performed by a vehicle’s occupants when stopped at a traffic light, especially when there is a need to change drivers or procure something from the trunk: Before the light changes to green, each occupant gets out, runs around the vehicle, and gets back inside (but not necessarily in his original seat).”

It’s exhilarating! You’re out on the open road, the light could change any second, and tons of people are watching you scramble.

The “OK – let’s do it!!” moment when you all jump out of the car is the most exciting, until you realize that the person driving has forgotten to put the car in park, and then while the car starts rolling forward with no one in it you also realize the road, conveniently, is actually a hill so gravity starts pulling the car down faster every second.

Luckily when God was spreading his blessing over America (like a fertilizer?) it happened to be dropping over Ohio at that moment so nothing bad happened.

I don’t think I’ll be trying the Chinese Fire Drill again because nothing can top the excitement/fear of almost losing the car.

*Another thing I learned on this trip: if you happen to have a large cooler filled with ice water sitting on the back seat be sure to restrain it unless you want the person in the back to have to sit in ice water when it tips over.


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