In Case You Didn’t Know, I’m Back in the US and A.

What this means for you:

– Amazing photos of places like Monticello and Mount Vernon (the homes of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington). Mount Vernon was great, but Monticello is captivating. Jefferson designed it after he trained himself in architecture and design. What do you expect? No Xbox, no Internet … it’s not like he had anything else to do.

– Amazing photos of several Civil War battle grounds and points of interest such as “Stonewall” Jackson’s deathbed as well as the place he was shot.

– Photos of me looking hot in Washington D.C. By hot I mean soaking up the 95 degree, PURE SUN NO CLOUD weather. I could not have asked for better weather. It’s almost made me forget how horrible this “summer” in England has been.

– A slight wait for these photos – it will be at least Friday, maybe Saturday. The full collection will be posted on Facebook, but I will make short photo blogs like I did for Berlin and Brighton.


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