Sleeping in the Beds of Giants: A Photo Essay

Sure, it’s great to stand on the shoulders of giants, but what happens when you marry one? You’re about to find out …

Pre-giant, extra sound ZzZzZs!

Insert one Redcoat in the bed and this is what you get:

Except not, because it turns out Adrian doesn’t like his head and feet hanging off the king (American queen) size bed so we (I) have to make room for all of his body parts:

We need a bigger bed.



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5 responses to “Sleeping in the Beds of Giants: A Photo Essay

  1. sandysays1

    Yep, it confirms what my human says. Fifteen minutes of shear delight then fanny to fanny the rest of the night. Seems you got stuck without the fifteen minutes.

  2. cliffspab

    I’ve been that giant many times. I’m huge. Girls are small, and i can always see acres of space when i peer over your hips in the dead of the night!

    • Yeah, that’s what Adrian says. He says I’ve misrepresented the situation by making it seem like I don’t take up any space but I say it’s all lies. Pure lies. You guys need your own man mattresses!

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