The English Seaside: Scenes From Brighton

On July 7 I decided to make Adrian’s birthday really special and surprise him with tickets to Liverpool and also tickets to go see Anfield, where his team plays. I had all my maps and tickets ready, but when we got to Euston we weren’t allowed to board because I didn’t realize our discount railcards had expired 5 days earlier. The emotionless, soulless man told us we weren’t allowed to just pay the difference and that it would be 65 pounds for a new ticket, each way. So, no Liverpool. I was extremely angry and thought the whole weekend was ruined because I’ve been planning and looking forward to this for more than a month.

We decided it was a terrible thing, but we should try to do something else. We’d both heard good things about Brighton, and since it’s not too far from London we got cheap tickets. The trip took about 30 minutes versus the 2 and half hours it would have taken to get to Liverpool.

One positive thing happened – the Liverpool Football Club museum that runs the tour gave me all my money back when I called and told them we couldn’t make it!

Brighton really Brightoned our day! (I got that slogan off an ice cream shop)

 Brighton “Sand”

Standard beach karate picture

Sea spaghetti

Sea lasagna

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier from a distance

Scary fish fountain in town

“Lingerie, Swimwear & Clothing for Big Boobed Women”

Around the pier and beach

Inside the arcade where you can win cute little English phone booths/buses



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2 responses to “The English Seaside: Scenes From Brighton

  1. Kathy Kuhlman

    Adrian looks like he’s ’bout ready to whip it out to take a pee.

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