You Know You’re An Englishman If …

… someone tells you it’s raining out and you reply, “I’d better get my brolly.” *

… someone is about to go outside in the rain and you say, “I’ve got my umbreller if you want.”

The English love to add ‘er’ to the end of words that normally end with an a. When Adrian was alerted to this fact he couldn’t understand it. He said he doesn’t say that, but he does. They all do. If you call attention to it they won’t say it, but just listen up and you’ll hear things like “pizzer” and “paster” all over the place!

*I had to edit this sentence because I accidentally made it sound American. I got too caught up with the word brolly and forgot the details of the other words!



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4 responses to “You Know You’re An Englishman If …

  1. tanya

    Yes ! You are so right. Don’t leave out that great star Madoner.

  2. AW

    The word brolly is English, but that sentence is all American. Surely I mumbled “I’d better get my brolly”?
    That “er” thing is a great spot! Southern English people just don’t use the short ‘a’ very much. Go north and it will be everywhere, including in the middle of words such “bath” and “France”.

    • Yeah, you’re right. I’ll change it. Normally I’d paraphrase if I couldn’t remember exactly, but this called for a direct quote. I got too caught up in giggling about “brolly.”

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