Conversations About My Blog

Me: Karen, guess what! I have like 1600 hits on my blog!!

Karen: No offense, but who is reading your blog? I mean it’s good, but who is reading it?


Me: Dad, have you been reading my blog? I have 1700 hits now.

Dad: Really?? That’s great! But who is reading it?



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8 responses to “Conversations About My Blog

  1. I’m reading it! And my personalities make for about 1400 of those hits. Still respectable figures.

    P.S. How do you check things like that? I want to know if anyone’s reading mine.

    • Well Poli$, on WordPress every time you log in it’s on your dashboard with a super cool line graph and also number counts for each day. They also tell you from which sites people are accessing your blog. might also have these features, but I found WordPress to be way better and easier so that’s why I switched. It’s really cool because some days you’ll get lots of hits and feel very popular. Then other days it might be at 2 hits and then you’ll have to run in a corner and cry. It’s a blessing and a curse.

  2. Aack, the who’s reading your blog conversation is always so awkward.

    (Please read my blog.)

  3. Everybody has a blog, Sara.

    I’m at Currently in the process of writing 500 words a day, everyday, which leads to the “is anyone reading this” question a lot.

  4. That’s exactly where it came from! I went from doing that once a week to writing a few words whenever I felt like it. This is essentially the Statesman on crack for me.

  5. Hunter

    I read your blog! (and thats all that matters!!!!!) Ha Ha!

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