My Accomplishment Wish List

Adrian came up with the idea of making lists of things each of us needs to accomplish. We would be making these lists for each other, based on things we keep saying we want to do but never actually do.

At first I was skeptical because I immediately had a flashforward to January 1, 2011 (even though this was never talked about as a specific deadline) and saw myself looking at a list of failures. It’s easier to deal with not meeting goals when there is no deadline, because you can always do it tomorrow, unless you die today in which case it won’t matter.

Then I was even more skeptical because all I could think of that I actually wanted on my list were things like “ride an elephant” or “ride a camel.” How am I going to ride either of these in London? Two automatic failures.

Top five things on my short-term fantasy list :

One and two are obviously ride an elephant and ride a camel, so I’ll start my list at number three and work toward five.

3. Take two more European vacations.

4. Finish the Stephanie Plum series of books. I’m on Seven Up right now, and the 16th has already or is about to hit bookstores. Give them a try, they are really fun books. They are about a girl, Stephanie Plum, who loses her job and becomes a bounty hunter. They look like mom books, but they are so fun.

5. Touch a pig. No, not in a sexual way. It’s just that their skin always looks really odd to me, and I’d like to pat a pig on the back to see what it’s like. Plus, I eat a lot of bacon so I’d like to have a good inspection of what I’m eating. I touched a shark two years ago and that really grossed me out, although I’m glad I did it because now I can tell people I’ve touched a shark.

Top five realistic things I’d like on my list:

1. Start learning HTML/Adobe Dreamweaver so I can build a website

2. Take a Spanish class, or make plans to take a Spanish class

3. Run a 5k

4. Get visible muscles on my arms

5. Get the bone in my foot fixed, or get the process started. I have an odd round bone near my ankle that sticks out and hurts when I walk too much. I’ve always had it, and when I was young they wanted to put a cast on me, but I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing a cast during summer and not being able to swim. It’s getting worse as I’m getting older so I’m going to try to get it done for free on the NHS.

Bonus Accomplishment: I’d like to read my Benjamin Franklin biography and my Einstein biography by the end of the year. I’d also like to find a really good Thomas Jefferson biography since I’m going to Monticello in September.


Now I just have to make Adrian’s list!


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