Berlin Review: Ach Ja Oder Nicht Nicht?

My Berlin trip was the start of something great – my European travels! I’ve had a job for almost five months now, but I’ve been saving up and I didn’t want to immediately spend money until I was sure the company wanted to keep me. I should have posted this blog first, but I got overly excited about all the German food and posted that first. It’s a long post, but keep reading because there is mention of kinky sex at the end. You’ll also see Paris Hilton’s bare melons.

Before all that, it’s Berlin/travel talk!

From now on I plan to take a Euro weekend trip every month or month and a half. Travel is so cheap over here! My 3-day trip to Berlin, including flights/all transportation, 4 star hotel, tons of food and souvenirs cost me £240, or around $360.

The trip could have been a lot cheaper, too. Despite my money-saving nature I didn’t skimp on anything because it’s Germany and it was my first trip.  I bought food, food, food and I also bought a pair of German-made Birkenstocks, which came in a bag that said “birkies” so naturally I got really excited about that because now I have a pet name for my shoes.

My Birkies:

In short, Berlin was really fun, but we found it very dirty and downright scary in some places! Most places I visit, and especially in Germany, I find myself wanting to move there. With Berlin I was very sad to see my trip ending, but I wasn’t sad to be rid of all the dirt, broken down buildings and non-stop graffiti. Berlin, to me, seems like a place that’s really great to visit, but not so great to live. Obviously many people will disagree, but that was also the opinion of Adrian, Karen and Connor.

I think Berlin is one of those places you need to go because of all the history, and apparently it has an amazing nightlife as well, but if you are looking for a lovely German holiday and have never been to the country, don’t go to Berlin first.

That being said, I honestly did have a lot of fun and everyone else did as well. I am a very big German lover so I had a field day being a huge dork. My motto was, “If you know the Deutsch word, don’t say the English word!”

The day we arrived we had several hours until we could check into the hotel at Alexanderplatz, so we went to the East Side Gallery where a long portion of the Wall has been preserved and artists have painted on it:

Two things I immediately noticed about Berlin: They like their currywurst and they like their sex! Take this sign for example:

I can’t imagine any public train station in the United States or England featuring a sign advertising a dildo, king or not.

The sign below wasn’t even in a sex district. It was just a random sex shop on the street that featured cabins with glory holes and an extravagant S&M room:

The next picture is indicative of the kind of art and maybe culture, because sex stuff is everywhere! I’m not really sure why someone decided to draw this on the Berlin Wall, but it was so tall it was almost impressive:

In a shop and just want a magazine to catch up on celebrity/Paris Hilton gossip?

I’m not sure if they have In Touch in the US, but basically it’s like Star or US Weekly.

Berlin wasn’t all sex and currywurst, though. We saw some cool sites as well. Top three sites:

Brandenburg Gate

Holocaust Memorial

Checkpoint Charlie

Final Words: Ach ja for a short, cheap break with delicious food!



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7 responses to “Berlin Review: Ach Ja Oder Nicht Nicht?

  1. Robin

    I like that when you talk about your trip the order goes food first, then sex then culture. This seems solid to me.

    • ha ha…yeah, I figured I needed to spice up the review a little since most people have probably already looked at my album on Facebook. Essentially though, those seem to be the top two things about Berlin.

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  5. There is a punk rock song that I always start singing to myself whenever I heasr the word Berlin…..”We’re going over the Berlin Wall”.. the Sex Pistols are from there, righ? Remember Jonny Rotten? I think he died from ….not sure. This is an awesome post!

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