Berlin – Culinary Delights!

I’ll post several blogs about Berlin, but I have to post the food blog first because my experience was so great I’m now suffering a food version of postpartum depression. I have been to Deutschland many times and never had a bad meal. My recent Berlin trip didn’t disappoint my mind, tongue or my stomach.

Berlin is famous for its currywurst. I didn’t know what this was, but basically it is a sausage-like hotdog that is chopped up, doused in ketchup and sprinkled with lots of curry powder. They are on every street corner – so many that I could almost say literally every street corner. I got my first currywurst on Wittenbergplatz, which was where Goebbels’ ministry of propoganda was during the Nazi era before it was bombed and demolished.

Because we had to get up at 3 am to get the taxi to Stansted for our early morning flight, by the time lunch came around in Berlin we were exhausted and really hot. We found a small soup shop near Alexanderplatz and decided to give it a try. Excellent decision! I got a potato soup with meatballs and Karen had a chicken soup in a coconut and apple broth. They were also served with bottles of Coke in glass bottles! Each meal cost less than 5 Euros and it was a steal!

The first night we arrived we ate at Las Olas, which is actually a Spanish Tapas Restaurant. It was recommended by National Geographic and it was right across from the hotel. I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately, but I definitely give this restaurant two enthusiastic thumbs up. It was by far the best tapas I’ve ever had, and the review by NG is spot on. The location almost put me off, but when you go into the restaurant it’s a different world.

The next day was our big site-seeing day, and on the way to Checkpoint Charlie from the Holocaust Memorial we stumbled across a tiny cafe out of the way of tourists. I might be leaning toward voting for this as my favorite meal of Berlin. Connor and I both had dumplings, but mine were stuffed with sauerkraut and topped with a creamy mushroom sauce, and his were stuffed with meat and topped with a sour cream sauce. Karen had potato pancakes with an apple sauce and Adrian had schnitzel and potatoes.

Funny picture of Karen in front of the random cafe:

Adrian’s schnitzel:

My sauerkraut dumplings:

Connor’s dumplings:

Karen’s potato pancakes:

Immediately after I ate those dumplings I got depressed because my stomach was full and I couldn’t eat again for another couple hours, and also because I know it will be months before I get food this good again. Did I mention that all of this food cost us only 25 Euros??? Food is so cheap in Berlin. Just for good measure, here is me eating my dumplings:

Later we took a risk and ate at Brauhaus Mitte, which I think is a chain restaurant. It got mixed reviews on trip advisor, but it was close to the hotel and it served traditional German food. Again, A+ on the food. I got a kohlroulade, which is meat wrapped in cabbage. I’m not sure how Germans manage to make plain potatoes melt in your mouth, but they do. I left this restaurant feeling sick because I stuffed myself to the point of illness. Karen got spaetzle, which is thin dough rolls, cooked obviously. It’s hard to describe. They can be cooked a variety of ways, but Karen’s were baked with cheese. Connor got schnitzel and Adrian got steak because he said he didn’t fancy any more German food since it “all tastes the same.”

My roulade. Yep, there’s a giant, delicious chunk of meat under that cabbage:

Karen’s spaetzle:

Berlin, Ich liebe dich!



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4 responses to “Berlin – Culinary Delights!

  1. tanya

    Thanks Sara. I don’t know if I should thank you or beat you the next time I see you because now I am starving . Glad you had a good gastric time after your recent illness.

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  3. Did you just take photos from a 1970s menu?

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