Life as a Renter in London

Yep – that’s duct tape holding my toilet seat together. Don’t judge my house by my bathroom, although it’s OK to judge my bathroom. The house is nice. The bathroom is not so nice. I guess the landlord didn’t feel like renovating this part. We had a broken shower and he wouldn’t fix it. It’s a long story, but eventually I got it “fixed.” 

The toilet was broken when we moved in, and he knew this because he was in the house and it’s on our check-in inventory.

I regularly fall off the toilet with the seat not far behind me if I sit down with too much enthusiasm. Considering the fact that he didn’t care about us not having a shower and he knew the toilet seat was broken when we moved in, I haven’t even bothered wasting the credit on my phone to call him and ask him to replace a 15 pound toilet seat.

It makes me really angry when people say “It’s only a few pounds, just fix it yourself.” No. I already pay him hundreds of pounds per month for the privilege of living here. I refuse to be exploited because I’m a renter. I will use a bucket as a toilet before I’ll spend one more pound improving his place. We had to replace the shower head when we moved in because hardly any water came out. After that and a string of other things that happened where people tried to steal literally hundreds of pounds from me this year, I said “that’s it!”

If I just rolled over like everyone else and said “Oh it’s only [whatever amount] pounds, just leave it!” then I would be exactly 500 pounds poorer this year. You read that right. More than 500 of my precious pounds have been the victims of theft this year. I got every one back!

People call me a penny pincher, but that is misrepresenting me. I merely want to protect what is mine because people in this city will rob you of everything you are worth.

One of my friends had the idea of me buying a new toilet seat and then taking it with me when we move out. I liked this idea at first, but then I realized I probably wouldn’t need a toilet seat in my new place and I would feel too bad wasting the money so I’d end up having a toilet seat in my closet for my whole time in England.

I’ll update on the toilet saga if anything happens.


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