The Battle Rages

I haven’t posted anything this week because my white blood cells have been valiantly waging a major battle against some unknown predator violating my body. I’m supposed to be at work right now, but on the fourth day of my illness I still can’t leave the house! It’s terrible because I was planning to never miss a day at work and already at month four I’ve missed two in a row! I really hate not having a perfect attendance record.

I was so fearful of having my perfect attendance record tarnished that I went to work anyway Wednesday even though I was seriously too sick to be there. I was also fearful because I haven’t missed a day of work before, and I always feel like no one ever believes the person who is off sick. I didn’t want people to think I was a slacker, so I figured I should just go and if I passed out then at least they’d know I was really sick. Big mistake!

I haven’t eaten a meal since Tuesday and despite having no appetite or real hunger, all I can think about are giant footlong hotdogs with mustard and grilled onions, hamburgers, tubs of buttery popcorn and soda floating around me. I just want to eat! I’m wasting away.

I think I have either dysentery or botulism. I don’t know much about either one, but I don’t like believing that some random, nameless virus is ruining my week and chomping away at my body. It’s better to name it something dramatic even if it’s not accurate. I came up with dysentery because they had that a lot on the Oregon Trail PC game and it seems pretty horrific (apparently you can buy a T-shirt that says “You Have Died of Dysentery.” I must have this!). I came up with botulism because the last thing I ate was a canned soup, store brand, and I heard you get botulism from cans.

My doctor didn’t say I have dysentery, but he did give me some pills and said if my condition is not better by Monday then definitely come back.

I know we all learned back in high school about how the body attacks viruses. But specifically, what does it look like when they are attacking? All I can imagine is them sword fighting.  On Wednesday and Thursday when my whole body hurt too much to move I was imagining a mass war breaking out, with all my white blood cells in full battle gear hacking away at this beast.

I could look it up, but what fun is that? That’s the problem with many adults. Occasionally it’s more fun to imagine something silly than to know the truth, which is most likely boring. Being a kid is way more fun because you can imagine the world  any way you want it to be and no one will make fun of you.

Back to my illness. It sucks, but not all was lost today. Although I started becoming extremely restless after my second day at home and started getting slight anxiety from my memories of when I was in the ranks of the unemployed, I got some serious work done on Dragon Warrior:

This is me in the main castle and right below is me outside, hunting:

Basically in the game you have to go through all these lands battling weird monsters like magicians, wyverns, warlocks, skeletons, slimes, drakees, etc. You have to earn enough money for weapons and armor, and the more advanced you get the more magic you are able to perform. Eventually you will be strong enough to fight the dragon guarding the captured Princess Gwaelin.The picture below is of a magidrakee I encountered while trying to build up my power and money.

I got really angry with myself earlier because I’m saving up to buy a large shield and a hand axe, which is going to cost me almost 2,000 pieces of gold. I got too excited at my victories and went too far into serious monster territory. After four skeleton battles in a row I ran out of magic points and got killed by one.  I  lost everything. An hour’s work gone, just like that.

I’m starting to see why video game geeks don’t have that many friends, and I mean that in a good way. Video games might be better than having a lot of friends. Video games would never lie to you, they don’t talk back to you, and most importantly, they never insult you for playing them.


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