One Year Anniversary

I’m a bit late writing about this. But nevertheless, our one year anniversary still happened.

Originally I wanted to go to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Chelsea. I knew it would be expensive, but I didn’t realize it would cost about £200+. Then I found out the World Cup winner of the group England was in was set to play at 7:30 the night of our anniversary, so we couldn’t go to dinner.  Adrian said we could still go, but this is England and I can’t imagine what people would have said if I made him miss an England game for a silly anniversary!

Turns out USA got first! Ha! I was very happy because everyone over here makes fun of Americans all the time, and they said we were a joke in “football” but then we did better than England. Point is, England didn’t play the night of our anniversary so we were able to have plans.

Adrian surprised me and booked a table at Foxtrot Oscar. I didn’t directly tell anyone where we were going, because when I tested the waters some people were saying that Gordon Ramsay is “too corporate” and that there are other independent restaurants that are just as good. Perhaps, but I seriously doubt they are eating at them. People love to mouth off about places being too corporate and evil, but this usually happens while they are digesting McDonalds.

Foxtrot Oscar was wonderful. It was so wonderful that I wrote the restaurant a really nice e-mail telling them we had a perfect anniversary meal and we would definitely go back.  They responded and said they were very pleased and they would pass my kind comments on to the head chef. I tried to take a couple pictures of the food, but the light was a little too low. I had English onion soup and duck, and Adrian had this really good pate type thing and salmon. I also had a delicious raspberry champagne cocktail that matched my dress!

After the dinner we decided to try to find a pub to watch the USA game. On the way to pub we found this:

Also along the way we found the National Army Museum:

I really liked my dress, but all I have is one crappy picture of it:

Earlier in the day we hung out in this rose garden near our house. We have this giant park between Wimbledon and our house, but it’s kind of out of the way so it’s a whole lot better than Regents Park or any other central London park due to the lack of people.

I jumped in the creek, but then I ended up losing my sandal. It got stuck in the mud then floated downstream. There were a lot of plants in the way, so I had to get out and run down the river hoping to catch it. I finally caught sight of it in a mess of plants, so I jumped back in to get it. When I came out I had all these tiny little slug things stuck all over my legs and shoe. It was pretty gross, but the important thing is that I got my 50p shoe back. Earlier when we were sitting in the grass by some roses Adrian thought he was going to get heat stroke again so we had to move to the shade, which is what led to me discovering the river and jumping in it.

Adrian before he almost got heat stroke again:


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