iPhone vs myPhone

The new iPhone has just been released and people are chattering about it, blah, blah, whatever. I recently got a new phone and every time someone mentions their stupid iPhone, I pipe up with details on my new phone. Meet Alcatel:

He boasts a stunning 99 pence price tag (not even a full pound as tax is included, and for you Americans that’s about $1.60) and comes with headphones for FM radio. You heard me correctly – 99p for a cell phone. It’s pay as you go, so I’m saving even more money by not having a contract. Since no one ever calls me and I don’t really have anyone to call, I rarely need to top up.

During a discussion at work about cell phones, one of my managers (not Rob because he’s got the fancy iPhone; see below) was talking about how he doesn’t understand why people waste tons of money and time waiting in line for a stupid phone. I got really excited because it was a perfect segue for me to introduce them to Alcatel.

He was impressed. I believe his direct words were “Sara, I’m proud of you. You’re keeping it real.”

Another one of my other managers picked up my phone and said: “Is this real?”

Rob said he was slightly jealous of Alcatel because his iPhone doesn’t have FM radio. He wasn’t joking or making fun of me either. I could clearly see that Alcatel with it’s built in FM radio and free headphones had planted little seeds of doubt on his major purchase.

If you aren’t enticed by the extra hundreds of pounds/dollars in your pocket, FM radio, free headphones, games, color screen, no need for cell phone insurance, etc., then at the very least it is a fabulous conversation starter.

Alcatel vs iPhone:



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2 responses to “iPhone vs myPhone

  1. Cliffspab

    It’s hard not to agree with every word you’ve written.

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