My Job Wants to Keep Me!

This week I got my official piece of paper saying I have passed my three month probation. Not that there was any doubt I wouldn’t, but I am still very excited because I’ve never been a permanent employee anywhere I actually wanted to work. 

After Rob, my manager, rejected my proposal for him to buy me a celebratory bottle of champagne or something of the sort (at his own expense), I took commemoration of this day into my own hands:

Yep. I posted my permanent employment congratulations letter on my little fridge.

My home fridge has looked rather naked since I stopped posting pictures of cats or grade school report cards with numerous As. The report card posting stopped in high school. The cat picture posting stopped two years ago. If there ever was a reason to start fridge posting again, I think this it.

I don’t know what Biggie was talking about.  These last three months have been some of the greatest of my life. Mo’ money, less problems is what I say.



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5 responses to “My Job Wants to Keep Me!

  1. Tanya

    I’m sure it brings a smile to your hubbies face too as it could be the difference between a full or empty fridge.

  2. AW

    Mo’ money, fewer problems, no?

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