An Evening at the Mitchell Residence

On a typical day we get home from work around 6 and then we have to cook dinner. After that we are tired, but we still have to go to the gym. Usually we’ll sit around for a while until we finally decide to go.

Last week we were sitting on the couch when Adrian makes me a lucrative proposition:

“I’ll give you £10 if you let me stick my finger in your belly button, but you can’t move around while I’m doing it.”

I really hate fingers in my belly button because it’s very uncomfortable and it makes my insides have a weird feeling.

Naturally I didn’t believe him at first. But he was really genuine. He knew that it would be so terrible for me that he’d have to give me £10 in order for this to happen.

When  he was wiggling his finger in there (I hate it so much that it is making me sick recollecting the feeling)  he starts saying, “This is how a prostitute feels the first time she sells her body to a man. I hope you feel good about yourself.”

Finally he finished and I told him I wanted my money immediately. He laughed in my face and said he wasn’t going to give me £10 just because I let him make my belly button extremely uncomfortable.

Now, this may seem like a joke to you, but it is upsetting. I really wanted that £10 and I had every reason to believe I was going to receive it.

Then he started saying “OK, OK, if you let me stick my finger in your belly button AND nose, I swear I’ll give you the £10 this time.”

Like I would be stupid enough to believe him again.

But he begged and apologized and apologized and swore he would give me the £10. I still said no, but finally I thought maybe there was a chance he would give me the money.  Also, I just happened to have my camera by the couch so I took a picture of his evil face while he was doing this:

I didn’t get the money.


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