Robin’s Visit to London

This will likely be the most photo-rific blog I’ve yet posted. Here is what happens when an American leaves the USA to come visit me.

During a walk from the tube to meet Adrian, we might stumble across a random landmark:

Then, after we get bored of stupid Big Ben, we might decide to go visit the Queen at her residence in Windsor:

After Windsor Castle, you might get an Adrian to drive your boat on the Thames and pretend to be really cool:

Then, after I work a 6 a.m. shift and am exhausted, we can walk about 2 miles up The Monument by the river:

This will suck … a lot, but the view is pretty cool:

If London gets boring, we can always go see ancient Roman Baths and then as Robin puts it, have a “fancy pants” English afternoon tea.

Scones, pastries, teeny sandwiches, delicious tea, oh yeah:

The trip isn’t over with so there is more to come, and more pictures will soon be able to be found on my Facebook profile. Anyway, here is a picture I took in Bath that I’ll leave you with for now:



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3 responses to “Robin’s Visit to London

  1. Tnay Martin

    Was it warm enough for slevless tops or are you to the point now where 65 degrees means summer? Great pics I am glad you are having so much fun.

  2. Thanks! Actually, we had a freak weather weekend and it got up to about 80!! Other than those two days we have had to wear coats because it’s been in the 50s and low 60s.

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