Word of Mouth – A Review of Oral B Superfloss

Normally I never write product reviews – good or bad – because I generally find them boring unless they are only a few short sentences. But I was so upset with a recent floss purchase that I took the time to issue a formal complaint to the company, and I will publish it here because I think everyone should be warned about this inferior, over-priced product. (For an excellent threader floss in the USA, stick with Crest)

This has put me in a bit of a pickle because it’s floss so complaining about it will make it seem like I’m trying to be funny, but I’m not.  I feel I have a valid complaint. Below you will find my letter to Oral B international:

I am writing with concern about Oral B Superfloss. Concern is a nice way of putting it. I normally use Crest Glide Floss Threader, but since they don’t seem to have this product in London I had to resort to Oral B. At 4 pounds I figured it must be quality. Wrong.
Based on the packaging I couldn’t detect any discernable differences between Crest floss and the Oral B product (I will no longer be referring to it as floss).
I use threader floss because I have permanent retainers and I need a sturdy floss that can go between my teeth. With Crest, the hardened tip of the floss allows me to easily insert the floss between my teeth. With Oral B it’s a joke. The tip is so flimsy that it slides all over the place and I actually have to concentrate on trying to put it between my teeth. The joke doesn’t stop here!
With Crest, after I am finished flossing under my retainer I can then use the long end of the floss to floss like normal between the rest of my teeth. I mean, it’s floss so this is to be expected, right? Wrong. When I use Oral B “Superfloss” to continue flossing, it snaps in half. That’s right. It’s so crap that it completely falls apart. The first time this happened I thought, “Well, maybe this one is defective.” Wrong again. It happens to all of them. If you want to make the argument that it’s not meant for regular flossing then don’t advertise it as such, and stop calling it floss.

Now, I’m a reasonable person. If I am buying a value brand product, I don’t expect much of it and if it breaks I say fair enough. But Oral B is a name brand, and it cost me 4 pounds for ONE MONTH’S worth of floss. Oral B? How about Oral F?

You may be laughing at the fact that someone could get annoyed about floss. But it is annoying and there is no reason why I should have to just hand over money to a major corporation who is clearly trying to save a few pennies by producing a highly inferior product and still trying to market it as quality.

What I would like is some sort of compensation for this matter. I would even be kind enough to accept vouchers for different types of Oral B products as I realize a monetary compensation could be difficult with red tape and all. What I will not accept is another pack of Oral B “Superfloss.”


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