Life Update

My life is going very well now. I received my first real paycheck about a week ago. It was pretty cool receiving three times as much as I made at Banana Republic (who, by the way,  finally paid me Friday for everything I’m owed!!!) I don’t hate myself anymore and it has been sunny almost every day since I started work.

Also, I now enter work every morning without wondering if they have accidentally hired me or realized they don’t need another employee. My friend Irene had the same fear when she also recently got a job. She was afraid that on her first day she would turn up and they would tell her it was a case of mistaken identity.

I heard that one of my friends got pulled over on suspicion of DUI when he wasn’t even drunk, and it reminded me of the time I got pulled over on suspicion of DUI when I also had not been drinking. I was in my blue 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis –  in excellent condition – that I bought for $500. I drove that when I was a freshman in college, and at the time I didn’t think it was that cool, but it made me mobile so it was cool enough. Now I realize how cool that pimp mobile was! I should have known how pimpin’ it was when I got a compliment on it from a gangsta with gold teeth at the drive-thru of Taco Bell in Dayton. I wish so bad I had it back. It sailed down the highway and it had really soft bench seats in front and back.

Anyway, being that it was a land boat, it was sometimes hard to control. I was driving in the country at night and going slowly because signs said to watch out for deer. Apparently I wasn’t driving straight or fast enough, so I got pulled over in a KFC parking lot in Greencastle, Indiana. I was SO scared. I thought I was getting a ticket but I couldn’t figure out why. The cop made me get out and take a sobriety test! Obviously I passed, and he just told me to try to keep better control of my car. Whatever. I’d like to see him drive a pimp boat late at night.

Anyway, Robin is coming to visit in 3 weeks, and a week after that Garry is coming for 3 days. We are doing lots of stuff when Robin is here. I already have tickets to go to Bath (to see the Roman bath) and The Lion King musical. We are also going to Windsor Castle because it’s right outside of London and I have never been. Sex and the City 2 comes out while Robin is here, and the last time she was here we got to see all the stars when they came for the London premiere of the first movie.

In July and August Karen is coming and we are going to Berlin and maybe some other stuff. I’ll keep you updated. Bye for now.


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