High School Reunion

I’ve been reading about Thomas Jefferson’s presidency and Lewis and Clark’s expedition across the West. That got me thinking about how I never much liked history until I had Mr. T as a teacher in high school. He was probably the best teacher I’ve ever had, although a couple professors in college ranked near him.

So today while I had some free time at work I decided to try to locate him on the internet so I could see if he was still in England because my sister said he asked about me when she went to Lakenheath two years ago. I ended up finding a bunch of crap about Lakenheath American High School, but not much about him. Then I kept finding stuff about high school reunions, which is tough for LHS grads because we live all over the USA now and most of us probably wouldn’t be allowed back on the base even if we were to go back.

Wow. I was sitting here thinking it has been 5 years since I graduated, but I just did the math and actually it has been 7 years since the happiest day of my life and I haven’t even noticed. When it comes around to 10 years I wonder if I will still have absolutely zero interest in attending any kind of reunion. 

Not that I have anything against people I went to school with, but I feel that a Facebook “friendship” in which there is no actual communication other than a link is a sufficient means of maintaining contact for the majority of those people. Basically, they were nice enough people, but are they worth paying a few hundred dollars to see? Probably not, and they wouldn’t pay money to see me either so everyone is happy.

I didn’t like high school very much. In fact, I’d say it was more or less terrible and boring. College was totally the opposite! I wonder if there are any people in the world who prefer high school to college. If so, I’d like to hear their story.


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