Finally Going Home!

I’m going home for 2 weeks during the summer from Friday 27 August through Sunday 12 September.  I plan to buy my tickets really soon.  I can’t wait!! Here is an immediate, but not exhaustive, list of things I’m going to do:

Visit everyone! I’m also going to be spending some time in Grandma’s kitchen to learn her tricks since I’m a “chef” now. And also I need to record her life story on my laptop because I want to make a written family history that’s entertaining, not boring.

Finally enjoy some sunny weather! Adrian says “you would be surprised how nice the summers can be here.” Yeah, surprised at how shockingly bad they are. I’ve lived here for 8 years, so I know what they are like. Also remember Adrian is the one who thought he got heat stroke last fall when it was roughly 60 degrees F. Adrian is really funny! He says to make sure I tell people that he “was running around” when I talk about his possible heat stroke. When I laughed at him and wrote a blog about it he said “it’s bollucks cuz I could have it!” Turns out he didn’t.

Go to several drive in movies! WOO HOO. There is nothing like a drive in, and I can’t wait to get my hands and face into a giant, BUTTERY tub of popcorn. I really miss butter popcorn!!

Get a very large iced mocha at Boston Stoker! (ice in drinks…)

Make a bucket of iced tea, probably a variety of flavors! (more ice…)

Pet Harris and tell him I love him every day! Harris is the smartest, cutest little fluffy boy I’ve ever known and he loves me too. When I’m home he sleeps next to my head and he goes everywhere I go. Adrian tried to remove my framed picture of Harris from the living room! I don’t think so! Adrian says “You can look at his picture just as well when it’s in your closet.”

Get wimpies at DQ! Yum!

Smell fresh air! It will be good to smell cornfields and flowers instead of bus exhaust.

Go to Target! I don’t know why, but walking around Target is just fun. Even when you don’t buy anything! I love the Target smell.

Go to Goodwill! Don’t really miss the Goodwill smell, but the deals can’t be beat. Adrian’s going to get mad because I “don’t need any more clothes” and “no one needs more clothes than you can wear in a week”

My mom is taking off work when I’m there so we’ll get to run around together. Maybe Karen will be home, but I will have just spent a month with her since she is coming to England with Connor in July/August. I bet my dad will probably go to a drive in too now that he has a job close to home. That means he can stay out late and party.

One important thing that will be happening is final production of Boo’s Super Sweet 16 CTV (Cat Television) show. Boo is my sister Karen’s main cat, and she couldn’t be more proud of her baby. As you all know, our Siamese cat, Boo, turned 16 this month, and because of her already extravagant lifestyle CTV has signed a contract with Boo to film her super sweet 16 birthday. It will most likely be posted on YouTube in late August, early September so watch out for it! Boo has already risen to fame with her highly controversial appearance last year on the first series of “America’s Next Top Cat,”  ( and before that she attempted to sing on “Cat Idol,” but she didn’t impress Simon enough to get through to the finals. I wouldn’t be surprised to see clips of her “Cat Idol” audition appear on YouTube as well.

So, yes, I think it is going to be a delightful trip!


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