4 Day Weekend

I’ve never known what it was like to have a holiday, not work…and be paid for it. This weekend I got two!

It was really great except for one thing. I am getting extremely annoyed with Banana Republic because they have shorted me money on my last two paychecks. They owe me for 15 hours of holiday pay plus one of my shifts miraculously disappeared off the time clock so it’s like I never worked. I slaved away in that place and I want to be paid every penny. I have repeatedly asked them to give me what I’m owed and they don’t listen.  They say what they need to say to get me to go away, and then nothing happens.  This is proven by the fact that I asked my manager about 5 times and even wrote on a piece of paper exactly what she needed to do and how much I needed to be paid, and then my next paycheck was short again.  I went in there on my day off, she told me she would take care of it and give me a call, no call.

If they overpaid me by even an hour you can bet they would be getting that back from me straight away.  So now I have to take an extra long lunch at my real job to go talk to the store manager.  If he doesn’t give me my money I’m going to talk to his manager. I am really mad.

In other news I have recently obtained a copy of the NES game Dragon Warrior and I couldn’t be more excited. I have spent so many hours on my netbook fighting Slimes and Drakees, and I’ve progressed enough that I’m able to beat a few Scorpions. I don’t know what it is but every time a Magician pops up for a battle I get really scared! I used to play the game all the time when I was a kid, and now that I’m an excellent and experienced gamer I think I’m going to be able to finally slay the dragon.

Oh yeah, I got “fat” again. Before I came home for the summer last year I somehow put on 10 pounds and it all went to my stomach. Since I’m naturally very thin, if this weight would have spread around my body I wouldn’t have looked any different really. Because it decided to hang out around my middle section I looked roughly 4/5 months pregnant. Since I also happened to be getting married on short notice, I knew some people would see my stomach and assume that we were getting married because of the baby.

So I went on a healthy diet which consisted of cutting down chocolate, cheese and fried food, and not eating to the point where I felt sick from being so stuffed. When you do this the weight just flies off. In a month I was skinnier that I’ve been in about 5 years. I didn’t even have to work out. 

I never put the weight back on until very recently. I was working almost 40 hours a week at BR so that is probably why, because as soon as I came back to England in August I was stuffing my face with candy bars and fish sticks again and didn’t gain anything.

But then last week I noticed that my stomach was poking through my shirt again when I was standing up.


So now it’s back to no candy bars for a few weeks and I’m eating lots of veggies.

People always act offended and say “You aren’t fat!! You don’t need to be on a diet!!” Because they are sick of girls always whining and saying “I’m faaat” simply because they want attention.

But how do you think fat starts? Yes, I am thin but I’m not stupid. It is possible for me to gain weight like everyone else, and I’d rather lose 10 pounds now then let it get completely out of control in the next few years and have to lose 50 pounds. I look good and am at a healthy weight right now, so I’d like to maintain that. At least I was a couple months ago!

So we bought a blender and have been making amazing fruit smoothies and healthy soups, which I will put the recipes on my food blog, http://divorcehungry.wordpress.com/

Other than that, I don’t have any other news. My weekend was great and I’m still extra happy in my job!


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