Mind the Cat

When you live in London, or any big city, it takes a lot to shock you. After a couple months you get used to things like people staring intently at a ten pound note and out of nowhere slapping themselves on the side of the face repeatedly. Usually no one gives the wide-eyed “Wow, he must be crazy. Did you just see that?” look to other public transport passengers.

Tonight was one of those rare nights when a lady managed to capture the attention of roughly 30 people on the Northern Line. I got on at London Bridge going south.

“That’s a really beautiful Siamese. Kind of looks like B–wait what the eff??”

There was a pure-bred Siamese cat sitting in the little blue Northern Line seat. Her owner was wearing a front-loader back pack with a tiny blanket to match the mese’s fur and she was holding on to a loose-fitting collar around the cat’s neck and body.

Siamese cats are known for being quite loud, so occasionally the cat would start meowing and looking around. A couple times the cat jumped down to have a sniff around the carriage and the whole train was turned toward this cat, and most people actually had their mouths open in shock.

The woman sometimes talked to the cat and was petting it, being really nice. It was clearly her baby.

“Only in London” the guy next to me said.

All of the trains have places near the doors to lean against. They aren’t really seats, but they are covered with the same cloth as seats. The cat tried to jump up and its claws got stuck. Since the train tunnels aren’t totally straight, the trains tend to rock sometimes. The cat couldn’t get any traction from its hind legs to lift itself onto the platform, so it was swinging back and forth for a few seconds. At this point even a lot of the men had their hands over their mouth covering their laughter.

At first I thought it was funny too, because I love cute kitties and especially Siamese kitties! But then I realized that everyone was laughing at her because it’s crazy to see a person walking a cat in general, but to see a person on the tube, with a cat on a leash that was stuck to a seat swinging back and forth was too much.

My biggest ever regret in life is now that I left my camera at home today because I didn’t want the extra weight in my bag.

Siamese cats are also known for being smart.

So when we got to Clapham North the cat jumped off the seat and started walking to the door.

“I guess the cat lives in Clapham” I thought.

But then the woman told her no and to get back on the seat. So she did.

Then, at Clapham Common the woman stood up and put the cat in the little chest back pack with the fuzzy blanket.

“So he does live in Clapham!” I thought.

He just got a little confused!


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