A minute in the life of a **city worker**

As I always like to say: “You never know when you will get punched in the face.”

Maybe I don’t say that because I don’t prophecy anything, have any catch phrases or do anything to warrant myself earning a nickname, but it’s true. You don’t know when you will get punched in the face. I certainly didn’t. And neither did the woman I saw last year who got head-butted in the face and pushed into the street.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for my face’s sake) my story is not so exciting.

To make a short story shorter, I was waiting for my train in London Bridge aka Bridge to Hell Station which you should remember to put on your list of stations to always avoid, like Bank, when I got caught up in the crowd. Since I was on my way to my **JOB** (I’m going to put it in big capital letters with asterisks until I stop being excited about no longer being a jobless pathetic loser) I was in a hurry. I had to back track a few steps to check the platform sign to make sure I didn’t end up going the wrong way.

“Check! I’m going the right — BAM– OWWWWWW” It felt like someone punched me right in the mouth and I am NOT exaggerating when I say that I felt my brain fly up and hit the top right side of my skull.

I got an immediate headache, so immediate that my head already hurt by the time the guy bothered to slightly turn his head to mumble sorry as he kept rushing off the platform.

In his rush he was just pushing through the crowd, not caring who he hit, which is normal and I usually don’t fault anyone for that. I’m used to getting shoved aside on the London Underground by busy city workers.  But this guy was pushing against people so hard that when his shoulder hit my face it caused my brain to move.

Lesson to be learned? Probably not. I just don’t really have anything else to write about since I won’t have any money for another month and I don’t have a credit card because Sainsburys deemed me too much of a risk since I’m an immigrant with no credit history. Come on. A grocery store credit card. How hard would it have been for them to simply check my credit history in that other country called USA and see that I am quite responsible and have in fact had a credit card for about 7 years, paid lots of bills always on time, rented, had my name on my car with Daddy-O and paid a lot for that, but whatever. I hate you Sainsburys credit card. You’re temporarily ruining my life.


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