My new job

I am on my third day of my new job and it’s really great!

I can’t say how happy I am to finally be employed in a full-time job and a journalism job at that. I can’t believe it has finally happened. I work near Waterloo station, which is very close to the river. It’s nice feeling like a professional when I walk through rush-hour traffic instead of a pathetic, jobless loser.

Basically my job is editing and formatting press releases that companies send to us and then we put them out on the wire or different sites for journalists and news agencies to pick up. occasionally we do editorial reviews, where we will re-write or offer suggestions on certain releases. Today I have been practicing doing that, but the previous two days I was working on the editing and formatting.

At first I was nervous because I am used to writing strict news stories with lots of detail so I wasn’t used to press releases with not much detail, but I think I got the hang of it enough to not embarrass myself. 

All in all I think the job is going well and everyone has been very nice to me. It’s also so nice to come home and not be completely exhausted and have to consider taking ibuprofen for the horrible pain in my feet from standing up all day. 

My only worry now is that I’ll get that thing that happens when you sit down too long, the blood clot that causes you to have a heart attack and die immediately. I know that generally happens only on long flights, but I’m not taking any chances. I drink lots of water and I am always sure to use the bathroom on the far side of the office once every couple hours at least. That way I get blood flowing in my legs. So far it’s worked. The water machine is right next to my desk so I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It might be better if it was farther away so I’d have to walk more and further minimize my clot risk, but then again it’s so close that it’s really easy to get water all the time.

Also, I don’t have a cubicle! It’s an open plan work area so there are people right across and next to me in every direction. That’s cool too I guess, although the only thing I don’t like about it is that it makes me want to chat a whole lot. I have to make myself not talk to all the people next to me all day so I try to save it for appropriate times.

My office is also really cool because they supply free coffee, tea, sugar and milk. I’m going to be making instant mochas every day, just as soon as I can remember to bring in my Back to the Future mug. No better way to start your day than with Marty McFly!


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