6 days to go!

I’m supposed to start my new job Monday.  I have a lot of worries so I will put them in a list.

-What if they decide to unhire me before Monday? I’ve already quit Banana Republic so this would not be good. This is my biggest worry.

-What if they run out of money and decide to fire me before my first paycheck?

-What if I don’t make a single friend and everyone hates me?

-What if for some reason I can’t do the job and they are really angry (and then fire me)?

I am very very excited about this job. I have finally had real laughs again, the kind of laughs where you actually feel happy while the laugh is happening. But even though I’m very excited I still feel like it’s not real and something terrible is going to happen. That is why I am counting down the days until it happens for real. 6 days!


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