I got a job!!!!!!! (!) X 1,000,000,000

It has finally happened. I got a phone call today from a person OFFERING ME A JOB!!!

And not just that. It’s actually I job I really want, and it pays well!  It’s an editing job. The cool thing is that they also have offices in the States, one of them being in Ohio. So, potentially I could transfer in a couple of years.

I keep getting worried though. Now that something amazing has finally happened, I keep thinking “When is the bad thing going to happen that will rob me of my happiness? Doom is around the corner!!”

Why do people always think like this? Adrian’s sister Leila recently got some really good news too, and she kept thinking the same thing.

When things are going poorly we never think to ourselves, “Greatness is around the corner! It’s coming to get me!”

Another good thing about me getting a job is that Adrian can finally return to normal. It’s probably (definitely) been hard on him having to deal with my bad mood for 6 months, but he tried his heart out to make me happy! This is like me accepting a Grammy or something and now I’m thanking all the people who were part of my big win. Adrian was really nice. He took me to nice dinners, to fun things in London, to musicals (including xmas with the Rat Pack!!), etc. But…I was still negative because all I could think about was getting a job.

Also thanks to all the people who had to listen to me complain (don’t worry I won’t stop completely or I wouldn’t have anything to write about), and my parents for still helping me even though they weren’t obligated to help me anymore as of 7 years ago. Seven years ago…I bet they didn’t know what they were signing up for when they had me. And also everyone else who has helped me over the years that led to my becoming a real adult in the real world, like my Grandma and Susan, and Dave and Elizabeth.

I’m so excited. I hope nothing bad happens!


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