Let it Snow

I saw a post on someone’s Facebook about how it snowed and everyone kept saying “look, it’s snowing! look, it’s snowing!”

It reminded me of the other day at work when customer after customer kept saying “Well, it sure is pouring outside!” or “It’s wet outside!”

So? I’m in here, what do I care? Even if I was outside, what’s the point of this conversation? I don’t want to talk about the weather unless it’s relating to something. Anything.

What’s worse, after I stuff their clothes in a bag and hand it to them, a lot of people get a whiny voice and say “could you wrap those in tissue and put tape at the top of the bag? It’s really rainy out and they might get wet.”

I just get so angry for some reason. My instant reaction is, “well don’t go shopping when it’s monsoon season.”  But of course I don’t say that. I just give them a look and do what they want.

I’ll admit that it is a bit unreasonable to expect people not to shop since it rains every day, but even still. So what if your clothes get wet? What do you think is happening to the clothes you are wearing now? That’s right, they have just gotten wet because you were outside. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those clothes you are wearing-which are now wet-once in a shopping bag as well? Also, I don’t know about you, but I wash my clothes, a process which causes them to get wet.

I don’t say that either.

Anyway, I was wondering how many conversations about weather the average person will have in his or her lifetime.  Why do we have these social fillers? Why can’t we either stand in silence or talk about stuff we actually want to talk about?

I don’t think dead-end weather topics are important. I sometimes have small talk with people that is actually interesting, but it almost never starts with “the weather is…”

I wish I could be positive about it all the time, like the person who wrote “Let It Snow”. He was probably in a conversation about the weather outside being frightful, and he thought “You know what, I’m going to look at the good things about this situation and turn it into a classic song that people will sing for centuries.” And he did.


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  1. It can be very difficult to carry on a conversation with someone you just recently met. Good conversation fillers can help fix that problem though.

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